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Fully protected: Trade fair and exhibition insurance

Make sure your participation in Messe Berlin is fully protected.

As an exhibitor, Messe Berlin offers you exclusive trade fair and exhibition insurance.

Trade fair insurance which covers all risks for you: transport, trade fair stand and employees. Trade fair and exhibition insurance consists of 4 optional modules:

Trade fair and exhibition insurance

Optimal protection for your trade fair stand and your products.

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Transport insurance

Protects your goods on their journey to and from the trade fair.

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Liability insurance

Protects you and your stand personnel from unjustified claims and fulfils justified claims arising from personal injury and property damage.

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Accident insurance

Insures your stand staff in case of accidents during assembly and dismantling as well as during the trade fair.

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Adapt your trade fair and exhibition insurance to suit your needs

You can choose from the following 4 modules and apply for your trade fair and exhibition insurance online at Funk EXPERTS

Trade fair and exhibition insurance

From €59.51

Insurance coverage for:

  • exhibition stand and equipment

  • goods

  • merchandise

  • packaging

  • personal property of your stand personnel during assembly, dismantling and the trade fair

Transport insurance (optional module)

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  • All-risk insurance

  • You will be covered by transport insurance from the point at which the goods depart (transport to the trade fair), including during return transport

  • Co-insurance of unplanned storage (up to 30 days) before and after an exhibition

  • Co-insurance of goods during assembly and dismantling

Liability insurance

only €129.71 per exhibition
  • Coverage amount of €10 million for personal injury, property damage and financial loss

  • against you in your capacity as an exhibitor

  • against your employees (own and third-party employees)

  • Co-insurance for damage to hired property caused by fire, explosions, water from pipes and waste water as well as other hired property damage to buildings and their furnishings

  • Risks arising from providing food and beverages are also insured – including assembly and dismantling – in the exhibition space provided by Messe Berlin GmbH

Accident insurance

only €21.42 per person
  • Insurance cover is present against the consequences of accidents which happen to the exhibitor or their own or third-party stand representatives for the official duration of the exhibition

  • The journey directly to and from the trade fair from a residence or workplace, insofar as this is located within Europe, is also insured

  • Sums insured: €10,000 in the event of death, €75,000 in the event of disability

Trade fair and exhibition insurance tailored to you

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Collaboration with our partner:

Which services are included in trade fair and exhibition insurance?

  • The goods specified in the contract, including packaging

  • Trade fair stand

  • Stand equipment

  • Personal belongings of stand representatives can be co-insured on request.

Which forms of damage does trade fair and exhibition insurance cover?

  • Your exhibit will be insured against all risks during arrival and departure as well as for the duration of your time at Messe Berlin.

  • Damage incurred during your stay or during storage which has not been caused by the policyholder is also insured. In this case, your insurance cover will take effect up to 30 days before and after the exhibition.

Protection & costs – Which insurance policies do I need as a trade fair exhibitor?

Calculate your individual insurance cover for your trade fair goods and personnel.

Frequently asked questions about trade fair and exhibition insurance

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With our dedicated team of insurance experts and lawyers, we're always on the ball, keeping an eye on the market and negotiating with risk carriers. Because we as Funk EXPERTS always take everything into account, you can be sure we'll give you our best recommendation.

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