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€66.64 / year*
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Are you an assistant physician in further training and need professional liability insurance?

  • Professional liability insurance for assistant physicians in further training with a coverage of €10 million

  • Private liability insurance with €50 million coverage

  • Insurance coverage worldwide

*Price incl. 19% insurance tax

Top protection with professional liability insurance and personal liability insurance for assistant physicians in further training

There are risks that are simply too high for us to bear on our own. With professional liability insurance for assistant physicians in further training, Funk EXPERTS offers you exactly the kind of protection you need. Funk has been a partner to many doctors, professional medical associations, clinics, and institutions and companies in the social economy for decades.

Assistant doctors in further training

€66.64 / year
  • €10 million coverage for personal injury, property damage and financial losses (professional liability insurance)

  • Worldwide insurance cover

  • Professional claims management by experienced lawyers

  • €50 million coverage (personal liability insurance)

You can find the complete terms and conditions here:

download the terms and conditions

What is insured?

Official activities as an employed further training assistant

Occasional activities outside of work, e.g.,

  • First aid services

  • Friendship services in the circle of acquaintances

  • Stand-in physician

  • Emergency medical services

Insure yourself now against a wide range of risks

Combined professional indemnity insurance and personal liability insurance protects you as an assistant physician in further training against these claims and also provides for the defence against unjustified claims or the enforcement of a declaration of indemnity with the clinic, so that you are released from any liability claims.

Personal injury


For example:

  • Incorrect administration of medication

  • Misdiagnosis

  • Treatment not lege artis

Damage to property


For example:

  • Damage to glasses

  • Rental property damage to buildings/rooms

Pecuniary damages

  • from expert opinions

This is Julia.

Place of residence:  HamburgMarital status:  The wedding date has already been set and she also wants to have children.

She has little time for her hobbies, as she first has to find her way around the hospital routine with her duties and new responsibilities as a registered doctor. She knows that she is late with insurance as an assistant physician in further training, but during her practical year she was abroad and some insurance brokers wanted to sell her life insurance for her old-age provision. This seemed strange to her, and so she postponed the whole issue for the time being. With the new responsibility, however, she is worried about the possibility of making a mistake. What will then be the outcome of patients' claims that may well be justified? What if she needs help defending herself against unjustified claims? The clinic certainly has protection. But do they really fight for their staff's personal interests when things get really expensive? She also wants to help out as a doctor at festivals in her spare time and a friend has already asked if she would like to do some stand-in work at his practice.

The Funk EXPERTS recommendation

With the combined professional and personal liability insurance for assistant physicians in further training, Julia no longer has to worry about her liability. She needs personal liability insurance anyway, because the landlord requires proof if she damages something in the flat. She can now also feel safe when on duty, in the event of recourse and even when off duty, as the insurance for assistant doctors in further training settles both justified claims – at fabulously high sums – and even defends against unjustified claims (so-called passive legal protection also in extended criminal legal protection). And her boyfriend has been co-insured today, so he can now cancel his own expensive personal health insurance and later he will be co-insured as a spouse, just like any future children, free of charge.

In the end, the package is cheaper than her boyfriend's old pure personal liability insurance.

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