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Insurances for trade fair exhibitors

Trade fair and exhibition insurance
From €59.51

Trade fair and exhibition insurance:

The trade fair and exhibition insurance includes 4 optional modules:

  • Trade fair and exhibition insurance

  • Optional coverage expansion for transport

  • Liability insurance

  • Accident insurance

Depending on which insurance you have requested, the trade fair and exhibition insurance offers the following risk insurance:

Trade fair and exhibition insurance:

Trade fair and exhibition insurance protects your goods and merchandise, including packaging, stand equipment and the personal belonging of stand personnel in the event of damage, destruction and loss during a trade fair or exhibition. The trade fair and exhibition insurance constitutes so-called all-risk cover and protects your goods against almost any risk.

Transport insurance

You can choose to conclude this module for trade fair and exhibition insurance. You will be covered by transport insurance from the point at which the goods depart (transport to the trade fair), including during return transport. Insurance cover also applies for damages incurred during unscheduled storage (up to 30 days) before and after an exhibition. The assembly and disassembly of your goods are also insured. This also constitutes all-risk insurance which protects your goods.

The minimum premium for exhibition and transport insurance in total is €50.00 plus insurance tax.

Liability insurance

Coverage amount: €10 million for personal injury, property damage and financial loss

You will have insurance cover to satisfy justified claims and defend against unjustified claims which are made against you in your capacity as an exhibitor and against your employees (own and third-party) during the trade fair, as well as during assembly and disassembly. Damage to hired property caused by fire, explosions, water from pipes and waste water as well as other hired property damage to buildings and their furnishings will also be insured.

Risks arising from providing food and beverages – including assembly and dismantling – in the exhibition space provided by Messe Berlin GmbH are also insured.

Liability claims of Messe Berlin GmbH as a policyholder are also insured within the context and scope of the Funk trade fair contract.

Accident insurance

Insurance cover is presently against the consequences of accidents which happen to the exhibitor or their own or third-party stand representatives for the official duration of the exhibition.

Your journey directly to and from the trade fair from your residence or workplace, insofar as this is located within Europe, is also insured.

  • Sums insured: €10,000 in the event of death, €75,000 in the event of disability

  • Progressive scale in the event of 100% disability: 225%

  • Serious injury coverage expansion: 10% of the disability sum, max. € 7,500 and is offset against the disability benefit

From €59.51

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